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Thermal Caviar MAX SC Kiron Cosméticos Repairing Fluid 300ml

Thermal Caviar MAX SC Kiron Cosméticos Repairing Fluid 300ml

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Kiron Cosméticos Instant Caviar Repair Fluid was developed to discipline and transform your strands from the first contact with your hair. Carefully formulated to act instantly on the hair, repairing damage, controlling excessive frizz and revitalizing it. Its light, quickly absorbed texture envelops each strand, leaving them soft, silky and full of life.


Regenerates brittle hair by helping to realign the shaft, nourishing and treating the fiber from the inside out, promoting frizz-free and vibrant hair.

Avocado Oil
It acts directly on the fiber, promoting hydration, nutrition and strengthening the strands, providing frizz-free, shiny and healthy hair.

Monoi Oil
Regenerator that nourishes the interior of the fiber, lubricating and coating the strand, generating a reduction in split ends, frizz and promoting shine and protection to the hair.

Moringa Oil
Cleans the scalp, influences the balance of sebum production in the sebaceous glands and repairs damage caused by external agents, promoting light, frizz-free and shiny hair.




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Praticidade, eficiência, brasilidade e qualidade!

  • Como usar?

    1. On clean, dirty, wet or dry hair (yes, it is very versatile), spray your Thermal Caviar all over your hair, then style the strands as desired.
    2. In a few minutes your hair will be perfect, frizz-free, controlled and extremely beautiful, silky and manageable.

    NOTE: It is suitable for all occasions when you need an SOS and for all hair types.

    Discover the complete Kiron Cosméticos line, you will fall in love!

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